Postcard From Freetown – Poem: For How Long?

Fools have become golden anchors on our TV screens,
the so-called role models and celebrities are fast becoming comedians,
even our pets laugh at them.

Entertainment is not far fetch, tune into a radio station,
open a magazines, newspapers for the latest snippets,
rampantly distributed for the gullible.
Simple but sad, like riddles and rhymes, reality is hard to decipher.

I see what I see. You see what you see.

Shall we not speak? Shall we stay silent?

In my core silence is the most powerful cry.
For how long shall we stay silent?

For how long shall we look and see our nation fall into the hands of men that have no clue about leadership or politics?
Responsibility and accountability is looked down upon. Briefcase politicians everywhere.

The custodians of our society are feeding on the poor, it is a rat out there, do me I do conundrum – madness I tell yah.

For how long shall we indulge in hypocrisy to our own conscience?
Nepotism instead of merits, cronyism instead of talent. Fake smile, I see you.

For how long shall we deny our own self truth and conjure to societal expectations? For how long shall religion be a barrier to spirituality?

For how long shall enlightenment be seen as an impossible state of being meant only for the few?
Priviledge is expensive these days, only the rich can afford it.
For how long shall the desire of sex be disguised as a relationship based on love?

For how long shall we not hear the voices of women in our society? The rapist always walk away free – is our justice system blind?

For how long?
Like sunflower that bow to the sun but if you look straight up they are dead, so are some of the living dead corpses that walk within our enclave.
For how long?

@DanteBello on Twitter.


One Response to “Postcard From Freetown – Poem: For How Long?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Powerful and emotional poem from a poet who must be an eye witness to the ills he laments about. For how long? We have been asking this question for so long. It is time to act and wait for the question: how did you restore hope where despair reigned.. Good work Dante!

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