Postcard from Freetown: (Poem): Lamentation from a Patriot.

I watched my pencil cry on the canvas of my soul, tears of confusion in the midst of the aching truth. Sierra Leone is still bleeding from the repercussions of war. Morality is being basterdized by the custodians of society; cultural values are now pimped up, only for the satisfaction of the honeyed. “All the women want these days is a guy with money even if he has no brain; pot bellies with heavy bank account are more preferred.”

Teenage pregnancy is paraded as the latest fashion on the streets of Freetown. Traditions are now disguised for the lust to feed on the gullible.
“Show me your status and I’ll open my legs for you and the “love” part we shall discuss later.” Love child or no child, “touch and let’s go.”

Ethics are now gain saying, Sierra Leone has lost it moral fiber. The constitution is now interpreted only to sooth the foreigners with dollars in their pockets. When we speak out, we are told, “We are not qualified to speak on these issues” because it involves our double standard elders, Ha-ha. Lest they forget that these issues affect the masses directly and indirectly, – we are the taxpayers and we have a say.

‘If you don’t want public scrutiny don’t go for public office.’ When your views differ from their ideology, you are seen as a traitor, an enemy. Words fall, they pierce me wider and wider, emotions drown my blurry thoughts, because my love for Sierra Leone is being questioned by my own self.

We are at war but we deny the reality of this, a war of reconstruction with corruption at the helms of affairs. Hypocrisy is deafening our conscience,
denial corroding our mutual truth; it is now all about greed.

Our fathers are angry, the youths are hungry. The pages in my soul are wet with issues about my beloved. My beloved country Sierra Leone, the land of the free is not “free” anymore. I am patriot but where is my place in my own country? When my voice is silenced by the powers that be, democracy is demonstrated in craziness. Nepotism, cronyism is rampant in all facets of our governmental life. Oh Sierra Leone where did you go wrong? Oh Sierra Leone, where did you lose the plot? Oh Sierra Leone, what has become of you? Do we have the war to blame?

My heart is sore because the kids are asking questions fathers can’t answer. My spirit is weak because the youth’s are mis-educated. Confusion galore, as the unemployed graduates roams the streets trying to find jobs that are nowhere to be found. Disaster in the midst of chaos, my hands are shaking because the strength to hold on is no more, the words from our elders stink like maggot, they lack wisdom because they are corrupt.

How can you guide me when you fail to live up to your words? How can I listen to leaders that lack integrity and expect me to be a product of integrity? How can I respect you when you lack respect for your own self?
How can you tell me to zip up my pants when your pants are always down?
How can I trust you with my daughter when nine months down the line I hear the cry of an unwed lock child? Traditions always blame the women, sighs.

Oh Sierra Leone, how did you get here? Oh Sierra Leone, how do you let them fool you for this long and you still vote them into power? We allow imbeciles to address us on every platform they can get and we listen. We allow sycophant’s to preach rubbish day in and day out under the disguise of patriotism while they pursue their own selfish agendas.

We allow and we allow and we allow. When will you rise up and say enough is enough to these politicians? When will the love of country supersede individual gains? Where are the new sons and daughter without greed? Oh Sierra Leone… I can’t stop but lament because your future is on the edge.

 @DanteBello on Twitter.


One Response to “Postcard from Freetown: (Poem): Lamentation from a Patriot.”

  1. Loving the words. Feeling the pain. Loving the patriotism.

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