Postcard from Freetown: The epistle of questions!

I woke up this morning to a breezy Freetown; the Atlantic Ocean is opposite my window pane, from a distance it seems calm, as streams of water flow gracefully. The sun is out intensely shining brightly in a golden-yellow kind of ambience. In my mind it’s like the heavens decided to flaunt it beauty on me, breathtaking sight I must say.

Freetown is a beautiful city, very green and mountainous in nature. From all angles you want to look at it, this city was built on top of rocks, on a high and low elevated plain surrounded by beautiful trees and rocks that will keep you spellbound. The Peninsula view is awesome so much that standing on an elevated area, what you see is like Freetown is in a ditch surrounded by beaches and water. You can never get enough of this place if you are keen on nature and its givings.

So let me be quick to say, I am still on that “hell yeah, it was worth it” vibe of my last postcard but this time I decided to randomly explore some sages within me. Don’t expect solutions but questions that will provoke your thinking about life as earthlings.

Lying on my bed overseeing this wonderful view from my window, I am filled with bold and naked emotions. I ponder as these thoughts keep banging in my head for attention. “We often strongly condemn others for the very thing we are most guilty of ourselves.” That is the title deed of hypocrisy which we are all culprits of in some way. I must say, I am guilty of doing this sometimes, aren’t we all?

Fortunately enough I have realized that anytime we have no goals on sight, it is easier for others to impose their ideas of who we are or not, and of what we should and should not be doing. “Manipulation is as a result of purposelessness”. Ironically anytime we don’t know and understand our purpose, we become vulnerable to the manipulation of self and by others.

I stare at the sun, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the cold breeze still blowing and the freshness of nature’s scent from the lush green trees seducing my mind, out of the blue these questions came; “who are you Dante? Who are you when nobody is looking? Who you are when all the “camouflage” is off? Who are you when you don’t have an ego to defend, when you have nothing to prove to anyone? Who are you when you are not concerned about who is driving the nicest car, who owns the biggest house in the neighbourhood or who makes the best business decisions amongst your mate? Who are you aside from all the limitations in life”? I sigh at myself. Haven’t you ever wondered why you are still here on planet earth? How did you make it through everything you’ve gone through? Do you really think it’s because you were that slick, gifted, smart, or cool? You owe it to yourself to wrestle your conscience until you find out the truth about who you are!
It is difficult to handle the pressure and stress of being everyone’s hero all the time, to act like a man or a woman when you feel like a boy or a girl on the inside. We have so many of these types these days. It is perplexing to comfort other people when you wish there was someone who would comfort you too when you need helping hands. I guess there has to be a place where we can go, where there is no need to impress anyone, a place where we are not expected to be super humans but humans expressing our vulnerability and from my point of view, I call that place, home.

As the sun settles down for the nightlight to take it shift, my mind begins to retire into chaste and slumber. It dawn on me that sometimes we invest ourselves in our pain, forgetting to nurture the things that can make us grow beyond our challenges. As I close my eyes looking at the sun settling down, deep within me, I am still soul searching for answers to these questions.

We all have questions unanswered in our lives and it is of importance that we find our way to that space where we can indulge in dialog with the self and find our own truth. Each day as I walk within this city, I keep on finding answers to the aforementioned questions on the daily experiences that life throws at me. This path is a narrow one and I am so willing to see what is on the other side for me. My desire is to see you on the other side living your own truth. Keep searching.

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One Response to “Postcard from Freetown: The epistle of questions!”

  1. fredoarts Says:

    If this is your last postcard from Freetown, then you were surely saving the best for the last. Beauty of Freetown trotting alongside many unanswered questions. But it is that same beauty that’ll inspire a beautiful and ideal atmosphere for one to search for answers to the many questions!

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