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Get Her from Foreplay to Orgasmic Bliss – #SexTips

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I hope all the femmes’ fatales carried out the fellatio exercise as per my last blog post or intend to when the opportunity befall itself. Imagine how liberating it will be when people are sexually liberated and emancipated to explore and indulge into their sexuality and unlock the unending bliss that lies unearthed in that space – I am almost certainly sure, we will see all relaxed, less tensed and smiley faces everywhere – energetic and chemically balanced beings we would have all become I presume.

In all my dealings with the female species – I can certainly testify that the spoken word evoke emotions – sensations that spiral her blood flow in all parts of her body, even though this relatively depend on the topic being discussed. When it comes to erotically induced words, women come alive and their imagination go wild.

It is such a fun site to see when lovers step out the role of “being themselves” – it can be a fun way to give each other permission to behave differently for a better and healthy sex life.

Women are cyclic creatures, their sex drive will vary depending on her hormones and what is presently going on in her life – so mark the hot spots and know when to woo her for some game time.

Let me also say, a good sex life takes time to build and a mass amount of effort to keep up – having a good sex doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours and hours frolicking – routine kills passion so always try new stuff. My advice starts with you mastering the art of  F O R E P L A Y!

#Foreplay – is connecting with her emotionally for a significant amount of time before sex!

#Foreplay – is what happens after the clothes are off!

#Foreplay – is kissing, caressing and petting

#Foreplay – is everything you might be left to wonder to begin – no better place to start – starts somewhere!

#Foreplay – is giving her feather touches – try touching her lightly with your fingers or tongues to really turn her on

#Foreplay – is trying new positions and techniques – caressing her back – face to face or with leg lying down and you all over her body.

#Foreplay – is trying new tricks and tells your partner what you prefer best!

Pointers – Ladies be aware:

“The way we (men) have sex does more than determine the time it takes for us to get it off; it determines who we are as men”

“Some men prefer it the old-fashioned way, strapped to the hood of a formula one car travelling at full speed”

“Some men like it dangling from the ceiling while hooked up to an eight-inch chain, while others like it in the depth of the Atlantic or Indian Ocean”

Ladies – “It is not only how often we have sex that matters, but how we have sex that helps defines our manhood”

Have you notice how it is the streamers and the thrashers who are very often fakers. A good sex starts with a good foreplay – if that is lacking then it not a good sexual experience. Let me reiterate that after foreplay; always play to your strength by being confident in your own abilities. Don’t start rushing into penetrating her after few kisses – stimulate her vulva – get it all wet up before the heavenly ride.

It is so sad to see that “lots of women are faking it and getting away with it.” – Personally, I see it as their loss.

“Don’t skip the hot spots or you’ll ruin the effect”

“Women are like knobs – you turn them up and down” – so don’t rush it.

Keep her senses alert, her body  relaxed – sometimes it take a bit longer to get her hot at the same-old song and the dance may not be enough to get her all jiggling – this is also applies to us men – so try new stuff now and then.

When you are getting it on, make sure she’s completely relaxed and comfortable. Women can only get to the height orgasmic bliss in this state.

Life is about relativity so also is our individuality. Women are different, most women don’t even reach orgasm the first couple of times they’re with a guy. Take time to figure out what works for you and your partner.

Some women love wet, sloppy kisses; other women find saliva a total turn off so find out what she wants – ask questions and let her show you how to do it to her.

Some women love lots of breast stimulation; others can’t stand it all – so observe and follow her lead. – My favourite organ is the breast – any day any time –#justsaying – LOL

Some women love to be on top in bed; others love the missionary style. Whatever she likes, take her up on it and never back down or you’ll lose points from her.

Some women respond to intense clitoral stimulation; others require very little and they are on – know how your partner body function and “use” the knowledge for both your advantage.

Another way to have a good sex life is to figure out a sex script that works and stick to it but remember “familiarity can breed boredom”; if it can yield consistent orgasm – why fix what’s not broken? Stick to it!

Some women don’t know how to “speak penis” and I expect the guy to give her a clue. Take time to know your way around her vulva – from the northern tippy-top of the clitoral glands which referred to as the love-button to the western and northern boundaries of the labia (her inner lips) and then the southernmost region of the perineum (skin below her vagina gate).

Most men mistake or think that the clitoris is a little bump; no it is not but a complex network of nerves, the Xanadu at heart of the female sexuality.

Very important: “most women will get off with the tongue than penis”

When it comes to pleasuring a women and conversing in the language of love – cunnilingus should be every man’s native tongue. Use it!

Cunnilingus: Still your tongue against her vulva and let her do the work – it’s the cunnilingus effect of letting get on top of you.

This is very important: ‘show some sexual courtesy, as in “she cums first” – pay attention to her arousal and potential orgasmic ecstasy’

Guys: “more stimulations = more arousal = easier and faster orgasm.” Women take longer to orgasm than men.

The Read Deal: “her hands are hot and her abdomen warm and at the same time her language almost become unintelligible” – “her body is soft as jelly and her limbs are droopy”

Very Important: After all the shabang – you’ve cum and she has reach orgasm – DONT FORGET TO CUDDLE HER!

Sexologist Theodore van de Velde: “it’s in the moment after orgasm that a man proves whether or not he’s an erotically civilized adult.”

I hope these #SexTips will aid you a healthier sex life and get her to the place of pure orgasmic bliss – practice make perfect! Go wank that thingy – Have fun!

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Give that Man a “Fellatio”

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I realise when I started tweeting about sex lately on Twitter, people were “like” surprised or have this “funny” feeling towards me thinking I am one horny bagger. The reality is I am not but was just phased by the fact people like sex but are shy or afraid to chat about it because of what their friends might say or what the public will pan them out to be – well really who cares what the public feel about your sentiments about sex – not like you are carrying a suicide mission or committing one forbidden act that will hurt humanity.

Sex is sex – No taboo should be tag with it and for some it’s even spiritual.

I am on a mission to deal with the hypocrisy and taboo tainted with sex and all that comes with it especially among us black Africans.

Last night I decided to push the boundary a little further and tweet about Fellatio – “BlowJob” and to my amusement oh well not really – I started receiving comments and mentions that were exhilarating and at the same time full of prejudice and these same people were actually following up on my tweets as well – ironic I tell you. So let’s get straight to biz and leave the saints to their antics.

Fellatio is known as stimulation of the penis – (Sucking it) – inlay man’s term – “blowjob” – and it is one of the best forms of oral sex.  Ladies there’s more to “blowjob” than sucking – oral sex should either be an art or a pleasurable experience but never a chore for anyone. It should be fun and fun and more fun and most especially if you are comfortable in doing it.

Ladies all men penises are different so if you’re unsure it always best your ask your man questions about how he wants you to handle his rod. The fact is no amount of gimmick can replace sheer enthusiasm to have fun, so let him be straight up with you by telling what and how he wants you to do him.

First Course – Starters

Use your finger all over his body as you undress him – follow your fingertips light with your mouth – make sure you breathe on his penis, give it some fresh breath of life.

Make eye-contact now and then – it shows that you are interested in him while he is having a glimpse of heaven – compliments his smell and taste – this sure do is good for his ego as your build the tension gradually.

Keep going even if he is not fully erected yet, you can start by kissing and licking him all over his penis. Keep your tongue flat like as if you are licking your favourite ice cream – ain’t we all love ice cream and we even eat the cone as well – so have the pleasure of “eating” his to your satisfaction.

Second Course – Motion and Massage

Make sure your tongue is pointed and lick him to “tweak and if possible squeak”– ensure to keep your tongue in a constant motion and switch techniques and remember; “routine kills passions.”

Massage, lick, kiss and suck his balls into your mouth tenaciously while your swirl your tongue around the rim of his rod and press into his balls gently and enjoy while you pleasure him.

Third Course – Going Down on Him

Best way to do this is to do it when he least expected it – I guarantee you he’ll gasp in pleasure and go dramatically in one full swoop without hesitating, swoop him by going down further with every downward stroke of your mouth.

Ladies ensure to hold one or two hands at the base of his penis to anchor him to a good position and to assist you with the up and down massaging movement – a left over from the second course so ja.

Fourth Course – Rhythm

Get into the rhythm of things  – breath through your nose so that you will not choke yourself as it help to loosen the pressure on you as your exhale and go down and increase the pressure when going up on him.

Very Important:  Suction action isn’t nearly as important as the up-down action.

Once your are comfortable to the rhythm – roll around his penis – add your tongue to the mix and stimulate his rod and keep on the rhythm of going up and down and up and down.

Very Important:  Be gentle on him, don’t be too hard or change direction anyhow – it can be painful but if he does like it – take him on.

I can sense the walls of paradise are raving in ecstasy but what I have realised is that most women do not understand the art of deep-throating. Oh well most of us see it in porn movies and not all have the will power to do such – maybe just too much or maybe not – relativity will play fit here.

Deep- Throating – Ladies always use your hands to create a longer sheath and do the twisting motions around the head of the rim of his penis, lightly as if you’re unscrewing a sealed bottled cover. – Keep your tongue moving – flick, lick, go in circles, round and round and caress. Stick his penis deep in your throat and enjoy the frills and thrills – awesome!

Very Important:  Never break contact with the penis while you hum and moan and groan and do all your what what…

Main Course

Ladies as he approaches descent – that place of climax – by my experience – most times a firmer grip and more suction and a little more speed is needed. Please, please do not break the rhythm and don’t change anything when you realize he’s on his way to download his juice – on a serious note – till he cums – do not stop.

When he finally comes, it is up to you to decide whether you want to swallow, spit it out or finish with some handiwork on your face. The good news is scientist says the sperm is good for relinquishing wrinkles on the face so that might come handy as well – your choice!

So ja – you have my permission – Go Practice Some Fellatio!

@dantebello on Twitter.

References to: Men’s Health – Womens24 – etc…

psychology of a black child – ‘I know who I am’

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psychology of a black child – ‘I know who I am’ (poem)

I write on the template of self indulgence, battling thoughts and reason encore life realities and fantasies. Small bird’s minds, sordid words to shape forms of moral standards that were enforced on me, rejecting the norms of what tradition expect of me, I choose me.

I ease my pain norm, the dream I dreamt last night resonates from tainted walls. Polarized minds, chained sentiments, my truth is heard even though you gave deaf ears to your own truth.

Don’t make me spit fire ‘cos my words burn, don’t tempt me because my “rage” will test the tenacity of your stamina to indulge in the truth.

Kill my spirit, misinterpret my language, demonize my ritual, deny the existence of my culture, discriminate my people, abuse my spirituality, infect my sexuality, rape my land, confiscate my resources, steal my heritage, mis-conceptualize my history, microwave the mind of my generation, sterilize my good tidings, stillbirth what I know about my land, exiled my heroes, exterminate our songs.

The testimony of my voice is mine and you can’t take that away from me, still I rise, I will speak, watch me prosper, because I know who I am, my psychology is black.

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Postcard from Freetown: “How to Prepare Groundnut Soup”

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Personally I love food, not just any kind of food but good healthy and well balanced diet meal. For some time now I have glut my home made Sierra Leonean delicacies. Most times when you travel, it is difficult to get some of the ingredients needed to cook local and traditional food you are accustomed to, so you have to adjust and blend to the environment you are in and sometimes improvise and experiment while cooking.

I did a lot of food improvisation back in South Africa because most of the ingredients I needed to cook Sierra Leonean dishes were “nowhere” to be found or maybe they were lurking around somewhere beyond my reach and I could not get to discover them. Oh well, that is my loose!

Since I have been in Freetown, one of my best moments is when I get to eat home cooked food I have salivated for in a while. I just can’t get enough of all the different varieties of sauces, the colourfulness’ and all that entails in these delicacies.

Last night, as we prepare to break the Ramadan fasting number six in the evening, the sun setting down, prayer was being called in the Mosque opposite my house and the fanatics, pretenders and committed Muslims all in that order rush to say their prayers before we break the fast, I renegade upon the smell coming from the Kitchen in the house. The aroma was so inviting I decided to walk by and find out what was going on – low and behold, it was the smell of hot, saucy and thick Groundnut Soup and white rice being dished out for the family in the kitchen. My eyes lit up and my taste bud went haywire!

Let me say Groundnut Soup is one of my favourite and the best way to enjoy it is to eat it with either white rice, brown rice or any kind of rice – so I thought I should share the recipe with you and let you have some of the blissful experience I had last night on my plate of food. I am sure you will thank me later for such a wise gesture on my part. So these are the ingredient you will need:

  1. 1.     Fish, Chicken or Meat (Optional according to your preference) – ensure that they are well seasoned with black pepper or any spice that you love. You can either fry or par boils the fish, chicken or meat. Personally I love my fish and chicken fried.
  2. 2.     Pepper, Onions (Spring onions), tomatoes (Optional), canned or tin tomatoes, Grind Groundnut (If that is too much work to do – use peanut butter), maggie and salt.

Please note: “there is no specified quantity but you will have use your discretion on the aforementioned ingredients which will depend whether you are cooking for the family or for just yourself.”

Method of Preparation.

  • Steam or fry the chicken, meat or fish. (Steam fish for 15 min and if you are boiling the meat, ensure to use the boiled meat water to cook the soup)
  • Pour some water into the pot, diced the pepper, onions, tomatoes together all at once and put into the pot and allow boiling for another 10 minutes.
  • Add maggie, salt and allow to boil for another 5 minute
  • Add Groundnut (peanut butter) and allow to boil for another 15 minute ( Be careful at this point not to pour too much water if you want the soup to be thick but if you prefer it lighter then that’s fine. Personally, I prefer it thick.
  • Add in your tin or canned tomatoes and allow to boil for another 10 minute and you are done.

Please note: “if you are going to be using steamed fish, do not stir too much or hard as the fish will break or scatter in the pot. So stir carefully and gently.”

Also you can add a little bit of Canola or Olive oil to give it some extra “what what”. But normally if you want to have the native feel of it, most Sierra Leoneans don’t add oil when cooking Groundnut Soup. You can have extras as your side plate like salad, steam green beans or fried plantain or anything thing that you would like to have along with it. That’s it – Hope you try it and have some Sierra Leonean food experience like I am presently having. Schweeeet! Thank me later yea.

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Postcard from Freetown: “The expose’ – I miss South Africa’!

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In couple of days I will officially clock six months in Freetown and I must say I have enjoyed and am still enjoying every bit of the experience. It is true when they say: “there is no place like home” – I guess we all can identify and somehow testify to this sentiment and the miracle and recharge that come from it when we retrieve back home from the city life whether in Johannesburg, Freetown or anywhere else you might be – Home is indeed a place of recourse.

Last week I had the opportunity of chatting with a good friend of mine about my recent ordeal and all the vices involved, and at the end of the chat I realised that Karma has been a blessing to me. God has released me from some issues I have kept for so long in my heart and in all my relentless effort in trying to solve them, it never work out until the season of life broke in and it all went smoothly. A price had to be paid because of the seed sown and I humbly obliged and I am paying for it and coming home was the final price to pay.

I must say I miss South Africa. It aches my heart sometimes when I reflect at all that I have build up for the past 6 plus years, the relationships with friends, colleagues at work, at church and just the general vibe and ambience that South Africa embodied and released upon me. Sometimes in my sacred space I sulk about it, even I tend to sway to the path of self pity and it thus bellows upon me that “everything happens for a reason” – but in counting my blessings, all I can do is to be grateful.

I have kept my network alive back in South Africa because it is something I have build up relatively from scratch, even though I have lost some friends along the way and most recently one of the men I hold dearly in my heart also parted ways with me for what I can’t fathom but I rather not to dwell on trying to understand the dynamics of the why involved. The tenacity to embrace things without wailing on trying to find answers but wait for the answers to come to me has been profitable in my stead and I am embarking on the path – “why fix what is not broken?” – People make choices; we live by them, move on and allow life to happen to us.

People have asked about the reasons why I left South Africa. Speculations here and there, rumours and judgemental sentiments corroding the spaces of my network and all but my true friends have stood by me and I am indeed grateful.

Sometimes I wish people could realize we are not saints and we all make mistakes, by commission or omission and we learn, we crawl and we move on. My youthfulness and its antics has cost and cut me deep in some certain areas of my life. Nevertheless, it is a path destined for me to walk on and I am forever cremating these moments as footprints and writing each experience on the tablet of my heart as text for my son Malakai to learn from one day when he is old enough to understand some of these complexities of life.

I have been asked over and over why I love South Africa or want my remains to be buried in South Africa someday when I die. My love for South Africa is unexplainable; sometimes I believe words are not enough for me to express this love that started when I was fourteen years old. The South African history echoes streams of emotions in my heart when I get to talk about or share with it friends. To the best of my knowledge, I have followed the story since the late eighties till this present day. The apartheid era, the post apartheid era and the new dawn of the rainbow nation that is envisioned.

When I made up my mind to move to South Africa in 2005, it was a decision that came out of love and faith. Whenever South Africa is mentioned my eyes lit up, I come alive, I resonate because there is so much to talk about, so much is happening and I can find with these realities. Personally I believe if Afrika is going to be able to compete with the rest of the world, South Africa should be on pole position in leading that revolution. The issue here is “South Africans need to start embracing Afrika and its people. It is believed in some quarters that South Africans detached themselves too often from Africa and see other Africans as less their class.” This is a topic I will one day write about but for now I leave it like that.

In retrospection, I hope that I will return someday soon and continue from where I left off. The wealth of knowledge acquired in the past plus six years I spent in South Africa I cannot trade for anything. I hope I find forgiveness in her eyes and recourse to give me another chance to reignite this love affair between us. I hope she accepts me like the prodigal son and welcome me home once again, if not for anything for my son Malakai who is a South African and whom I intend to be part of his life as his father and teach him the tenets of manhood.

For now, Freetown is my abode and every day I look at the Atlantic Ocean overseeing the distant sea counting the days of when I will return back to South Africa. Sometimes the pain is hard to bear, because I left my whole life behind but like my friend Sindi said: “God has a reason why you are in Sierra Leone, let Him deal with you and show you the purpose why you are home.” For now I seat on the threshing floor, between the porch and the altar, waiting for a new dawn in this life full of vanity to unfold.

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Postcard from Freetown: Ramadan Blues – “Religiosity amuses me”

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Some forth night ago it was the start of Ramadan Kareem a holy month in Islam where Muslims from all over the world honour one of the pillars of Islam to pray and fast for forty days abstaining from a list numbers of do’s and don’ts. Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims reflects on their lives, give charity to the poor and lead a holy life promoting peace and oneness among all, praying to Allah for blessing and guidance as they  journey on in serving him.

I was born into a Muslim family and the entire class of my family are Muslims but I don’t practice Islam in any way or form. One question I failed to ask my mum before she passed away was how come she being a Christian got involved with my dad who is a Muslim and produced three kids for him? Oh well, love knows no boundaries nor can religion deter it when two people love each other but my investigative mind would have loved to understand what led her to embark on that path with my dad. My dad is a religious Muslim, to the best of my knowledge you only see his religiosity during the month of Ramadan and after that he returns back to the normal status quo of living life randomly as it pleases him and pray whenever he wants something from Allah.

Since I have been in Freetown these past few months, I was stunned to see my dad going to the Mosque to pray. Well that only started when it was close to the Ramadan period, as he was building points with God. He does his five daily prayers; wear his Kaftans and looking all religious and sober. Honestly each time I see him I could not stop myself but burst in silent laughter in my heart at the whole vagueness of religion. People do religion when it suites them and at their own convenience whether it is Christianity or Islam. This I have a big issue with.

To complete this surreal observation of my family, I turn my focus to my immediate elder brother. He is one of the loudest creature you can find on planet earth but these days he is all chilled and mellowed up and does his five daily prayers religiously and later menaces around but believes Allah will leave some mercy for him. I cannot but shake my head as to how people of his type use religion as a by-product for their satisfaction and comfort.

The atmosphere in our house has changed since Ramadan started. We used to blast circular music from all sorts of musos, from international to local artist and it’s been all fun but since the month of Ramadan started, all you hear is some religious preaching sermon playing on a repeat mode with no one listening but rather done so as to commemorate and show off to neighbours and those passing by that the holy month of Ramadan is being observed, this also I have issues with.

Generally, the mode in Freetown has changed in so many ways, majority of the people are Muslims and the crass of this bunch you will find on the east end of town, like the Fullah town area, mountain cut and central area. Here you’ll see the hypocrisy of religion being practiced to its full capacity. These days I see people who have not being going to the Mosque nor pray five times a day, dressed up religiously, speak religiously, and walk religiously because it’s the month of Ramadan. They join the crass of devoted Muslims to pray five times a day and fast at the start of Ramadan and mid way the fasting period the chaff will be separated from the grain as many will fall out and go back to their frivolous and none committal ways of what being Muslim or Islam is not all about.

In a deregulated economy like Sierra Leone where nothing is regulated but consumers are at the mercy of the traders’ pity, food prices are now skyrocketed as a means of making profit from the situation. The irony is most of these traders are Muslims and I am thinking if one should go by what Ramadan is all about, why hike food prices when it is a month of charity where families cook and give food to the poor, invite their neighbours and friends to break fast with them at sunset? I still can’t fathom the psychology behind such thinking.

Today marks day four since I have been fasting with my Muslim brothers and sisters, and you might wonder, I thought he said he’s not a Muslim, well I am not a Muslim but this has been a tradition for me since I was ten years old. Every month of Ramadan I do the whole twenty nine or thirty days of fasting and praying, I don’t go to the Mosque but I pray in my own stead and communicate with my creator in my own way. I am not a religious inclined being, I am more spiritual and have a universal belief that God is one whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or otherwise.

The Ramadan blues is alive in Freetown and the acting up and shenanigans continue. It is my hope that people will come to the realization of serving their God faithfully whether it’s the month of Ramadan or not. The good thing right now is there is some sanity in town, the atmosphere is pure, people are calm, the vibe is positive and all the cursing and toxic flows of negative energy seem to have disappeared on the streets of Freetown as majority of the people are tuned to their creator in holy reverence and prayer. What will happen at the end of August when the month of Ramadan ends I can’t tell but will sure do write about it as things unfold itself.

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Raison d’être: “Sagely rant from my Poetical State of Mind”

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The hobos are here like symmetric synthesis of synthetic prototypes from the real deal. They flash their wealth and alter egos as the new black colonial masters over their own people. Infiltrating the minds of our innocent generation, imposing themselves like “burkas” just like their former masters. They share their ideology of black power when it should now be about brain power for the black child. The puppeteer are singing the old songs of freedom and forgetting that we can only be free when we are liberated from the dungeons of poverty when we redress the past with justice. Take back your lunch box parcels and give our people education.

Cataclysmic imperialist of clustered repertoires resisting change, as they feast on the paucity of the black child, for them our pain is their gain, genie for our gini problems. I refuse to buckle up to the so-called surge of sentiments of what they want and think I should be. Rearrange your philosophies. Pea in their pods, I ingest a new dawn into the philosophy of the black child.

The puppets are out, politicians singing old songs in new fabricated tunes, sarcastic tales of lies wrapped in smiles as promises from yesterday’s campaign are yet to be fulfilled. Huh! What are we becoming as a nation?

Last time I checked, we used to be a community of the Ubuntu caste betwixt in our “Bantu” souls, watching out for each other’s interest. Love was the corner-stone of our people, but today our rich communities are at odds with each other. Our neighbours’ are now suspects, tribalism and tribal cloning is the latest investment of the imperialist, our own imperialist. Our diversity is numb; the rainbow nation is a façade, fading out into flood plains of waste. Can it be saved? Yes. Like the Romans philosophy says; “hope never dies”, so hope for a united South Africa.

The foxes are out, our domesticated self is now in front of the TV 24-7, yet we learn nothing but teach our children and minds of what Oprah says is good and not good for us. Our moral standards are now being dictated to by our 40” inch LCD/LED TV’s in front of us in our living rooms, as morality is now over-priced, threatening our unique way of life.

Unsought after questions keeps buzzing my wailing my mind. I see a democratic South Africa demonstrating so many demos of individuals disguised as politicians, columnist, editors and self declared thought leaders. Does it not concerns you that we have a country that is two in one? One that works perfectly and one that does not work and the shenanigans of both worlds you can testify to because you and I are testimonies to these realities.

What is it that the struggle is about? For the black man, political freedom is here, he now want economical freedom, redress of the past and justice. When the so-called founding fathers and liberation war-lords are mimicking themselves at every opportunity they get at their disposal, jinxing and juxtapositioning themselves in futile chase of what they were voted for by the masses in the first place, this calls for concern. The tyranny of our present crop of leaders is fast surfacing, barbaric men with no concept of what leadership is all about, are flaunting there misguided truth everywhere for the gullible to feed from. They reveal more stupidity than they conceal wisdom.

Where their past injustices? Yes! Whites are now playing the victim mentality; blacks are now accused as the new exploiters and perpetrators of the entitlement mentality” by whites. The irony is, its outer nonsense, and they’ve forgotten the past soon too quickly.

Mediocrity has become an integral part of our society because we refuse to see that our destiny is in our own hands and we need to take responsibility, black or white but justice cannot be overlooked. When will we negate colour and embrace our essence and humanity? When will we be colour blind to one another and treat each other with respect and dignity that a human deserve? When will we forgive one and another and build a South Africa that is proud of its diversity and heritage? When will the character, content and integrity of every man be the measuring yardstick to judge our works and not by the colour of his or her skin?

My broken pen is still leaking on the canvas of my wrinkled paper, and I say redress the past with justice & you’ll see the first of phase of sanity as a nation which will aid proper heart to heart discussion for nation building. But for as long as the imperialist keep invalidating race as a fundamental issue and keep ‘forcing’ the black man to move swiftly from the past injustices they inflicted on our people, because it soothes their course, deafening their conscience, we will have resistance and problems.

It’s time to stop being hypocrites and throw away the cloths of denials and tackle head on the cause of the problem as the people speak out what’s in their mind. The rainbow nation is far from being a reality, because the cracks of our racial divides lack justice from the past wrongs.

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