Denial in Reason, I’m Poetically Affiliated So I’ll Write! (Poem)

Ceremonial leaders in black suits, neatly knotted tie and silk shirt,
attired in colour coated liberation regalia, brainless brains that lead the blind are at the helm of affairs remotely controlled by the ideology of their former masters.

Masters that now disguised as consultants to His/her Excellency, the know-how is in their hands ‘cos that’s their fortress. The bunch of do-gooders is back, flapping their wings like they never left. Perforating new agenda’s to the coordination of their own gains, orchestrating the minds of our feeble leaders.

They detest the essence of our race, creed, colour, and caste. They smile in deceit but their agenda is vivid and we approve it, bribing the supposed leaders of freedom with gifts from Babylon. Their consultancy fees in trade for our poverty by our own leaders.

They IMF’d our economy to monitor our progress and self determination, my vote, one vote one person or no aid. What mad rubbish! Democracy in mimic demo betwixt in demonstrating craziness, don’t let me start now, ‘cos all I see are greedy money monger leaders squeezing all they can get from the pothole pocket of the poor, voters in shambles of tired expectations.

I’m not surprised to see that our leaders are now replicas of our colonial masters; black colonial masters are now replicating the chains that once held us down on their own. I’m not surprised to see the “white hobos” with their arrogant swaging gait, wedging holes into the minds of our politicians with eurocentricism.

Yes sir, yes madam mentality disguised in gifts but the “black” man in power is like a zombie. Concave picture of the reality fades, realism tagged as pessimism by our own. Unmediated rights for the control of our reactions and actions, I say no to “Abelungu Abasithandayo”
‘cos I shall speak my mind and write what I like.

Snippets befit my conscience, my mind resound to the ears of those that care to listen. Echoes of my voice are heard in distant lands within the core of my generation, paranoia pervades our present politicians.

The communists are singing their songs fine tuned by socialism, bastardizing capitalism as the devil’s advocate to suck us dry of every cent we earn. The trade unions are perfecting their percussion of one way rhythm to hit back by striking and demanding wage increments.
Chaotic noises orchestrated in government, sustainable jobs, and decent jobs rhetorics with blinded plans of how to get it done. Who is leading us anyway?

A leader without decisive acumen, “I don’t have the stats in front of me so I can’t comment” sentiments, hah! Absurdity masked in a people’s persona of a leader. “The youth league leader is more powerful than the president”. Trust fund saga, everybody is up in arms as the euphoria show how divisive the so called rainbow nation is.

The Blue House brigades are babbling at every opportunity they see fit for their cause, Afriforum a bunch of confused earthlings, I am lost for words! Publicist and Spoke Person’s, propagating political stunt of words that excite the poor, the intellectuals and elites are in their comfort homes, suburban town houses with high walls, electric fences seemingly adrift from the hash, hash. Why should they care when they have all they need and not what they want?

Denial in reason to sort out nonsense, so call me what you like, I am poetically affiliated but politically inclined. I am watching you and I’ll write!

@DanteBello on Twitter.


2 Responses to “Denial in Reason, I’m Poetically Affiliated So I’ll Write! (Poem)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ” Why should they care when they have all they need and not what they want?” Life would be a lot easier if there was no such thing as class,

  2. The raw truth is too obvious to supress. Give us strength, courage and grace so that those who see can assist those who don’t.

    A real New Way requires a strength of heart usually found in poets and truth-seekers. We must refuse to act in the ways of blind convention (even when disguised as rebellious) and allow poets to open our minds and cut the puppet strings.

    We are here now, if we are radically brave of heart we can ensure authentic rainbow greatness.

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