Raison d’être: “Sagely rant from my Poetical State of Mind”

The hobos are here like symmetric synthesis of synthetic prototypes from the real deal. They flash their wealth and alter egos as the new black colonial masters over their own people. Infiltrating the minds of our innocent generation, imposing themselves like “burkas” just like their former masters. They share their ideology of black power when it should now be about brain power for the black child. The puppeteer are singing the old songs of freedom and forgetting that we can only be free when we are liberated from the dungeons of poverty when we redress the past with justice. Take back your lunch box parcels and give our people education.

Cataclysmic imperialist of clustered repertoires resisting change, as they feast on the paucity of the black child, for them our pain is their gain, genie for our gini problems. I refuse to buckle up to the so-called surge of sentiments of what they want and think I should be. Rearrange your philosophies. Pea in their pods, I ingest a new dawn into the philosophy of the black child.

The puppets are out, politicians singing old songs in new fabricated tunes, sarcastic tales of lies wrapped in smiles as promises from yesterday’s campaign are yet to be fulfilled. Huh! What are we becoming as a nation?

Last time I checked, we used to be a community of the Ubuntu caste betwixt in our “Bantu” souls, watching out for each other’s interest. Love was the corner-stone of our people, but today our rich communities are at odds with each other. Our neighbours’ are now suspects, tribalism and tribal cloning is the latest investment of the imperialist, our own imperialist. Our diversity is numb; the rainbow nation is a façade, fading out into flood plains of waste. Can it be saved? Yes. Like the Romans philosophy says; “hope never dies”, so hope for a united South Africa.

The foxes are out, our domesticated self is now in front of the TV 24-7, yet we learn nothing but teach our children and minds of what Oprah says is good and not good for us. Our moral standards are now being dictated to by our 40” inch LCD/LED TV’s in front of us in our living rooms, as morality is now over-priced, threatening our unique way of life.

Unsought after questions keeps buzzing my wailing my mind. I see a democratic South Africa demonstrating so many demos of individuals disguised as politicians, columnist, editors and self declared thought leaders. Does it not concerns you that we have a country that is two in one? One that works perfectly and one that does not work and the shenanigans of both worlds you can testify to because you and I are testimonies to these realities.

What is it that the struggle is about? For the black man, political freedom is here, he now want economical freedom, redress of the past and justice. When the so-called founding fathers and liberation war-lords are mimicking themselves at every opportunity they get at their disposal, jinxing and juxtapositioning themselves in futile chase of what they were voted for by the masses in the first place, this calls for concern. The tyranny of our present crop of leaders is fast surfacing, barbaric men with no concept of what leadership is all about, are flaunting there misguided truth everywhere for the gullible to feed from. They reveal more stupidity than they conceal wisdom.

Where their past injustices? Yes! Whites are now playing the victim mentality; blacks are now accused as the new exploiters and perpetrators of the entitlement mentality” by whites. The irony is, its outer nonsense, and they’ve forgotten the past soon too quickly.

Mediocrity has become an integral part of our society because we refuse to see that our destiny is in our own hands and we need to take responsibility, black or white but justice cannot be overlooked. When will we negate colour and embrace our essence and humanity? When will we be colour blind to one another and treat each other with respect and dignity that a human deserve? When will we forgive one and another and build a South Africa that is proud of its diversity and heritage? When will the character, content and integrity of every man be the measuring yardstick to judge our works and not by the colour of his or her skin?

My broken pen is still leaking on the canvas of my wrinkled paper, and I say redress the past with justice & you’ll see the first of phase of sanity as a nation which will aid proper heart to heart discussion for nation building. But for as long as the imperialist keep invalidating race as a fundamental issue and keep ‘forcing’ the black man to move swiftly from the past injustices they inflicted on our people, because it soothes their course, deafening their conscience, we will have resistance and problems.

It’s time to stop being hypocrites and throw away the cloths of denials and tackle head on the cause of the problem as the people speak out what’s in their mind. The rainbow nation is far from being a reality, because the cracks of our racial divides lack justice from the past wrongs.

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  1. i think need more of this uploadz

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