psychology of a black child – ‘I know who I am’

psychology of a black child – ‘I know who I am’ (poem)

I write on the template of self indulgence, battling thoughts and reason encore life realities and fantasies. Small bird’s minds, sordid words to shape forms of moral standards that were enforced on me, rejecting the norms of what tradition expect of me, I choose me.

I ease my pain norm, the dream I dreamt last night resonates from tainted walls. Polarized minds, chained sentiments, my truth is heard even though you gave deaf ears to your own truth.

Don’t make me spit fire ‘cos my words burn, don’t tempt me because my “rage” will test the tenacity of your stamina to indulge in the truth.

Kill my spirit, misinterpret my language, demonize my ritual, deny the existence of my culture, discriminate my people, abuse my spirituality, infect my sexuality, rape my land, confiscate my resources, steal my heritage, mis-conceptualize my history, microwave the mind of my generation, sterilize my good tidings, stillbirth what I know about my land, exiled my heroes, exterminate our songs.

The testimony of my voice is mine and you can’t take that away from me, still I rise, I will speak, watch me prosper, because I know who I am, my psychology is black.

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