Give that Man a “Fellatio”

I realise when I started tweeting about sex lately on Twitter, people were “like” surprised or have this “funny” feeling towards me thinking I am one horny bagger. The reality is I am not but was just phased by the fact people like sex but are shy or afraid to chat about it because of what their friends might say or what the public will pan them out to be – well really who cares what the public feel about your sentiments about sex – not like you are carrying a suicide mission or committing one forbidden act that will hurt humanity.

Sex is sex – No taboo should be tag with it and for some it’s even spiritual.

I am on a mission to deal with the hypocrisy and taboo tainted with sex and all that comes with it especially among us black Africans.

Last night I decided to push the boundary a little further and tweet about Fellatio – “BlowJob” and to my amusement oh well not really – I started receiving comments and mentions that were exhilarating and at the same time full of prejudice and these same people were actually following up on my tweets as well – ironic I tell you. So let’s get straight to biz and leave the saints to their antics.

Fellatio is known as stimulation of the penis – (Sucking it) – inlay man’s term – “blowjob” – and it is one of the best forms of oral sex.  Ladies there’s more to “blowjob” than sucking – oral sex should either be an art or a pleasurable experience but never a chore for anyone. It should be fun and fun and more fun and most especially if you are comfortable in doing it.

Ladies all men penises are different so if you’re unsure it always best your ask your man questions about how he wants you to handle his rod. The fact is no amount of gimmick can replace sheer enthusiasm to have fun, so let him be straight up with you by telling what and how he wants you to do him.

First Course – Starters

Use your finger all over his body as you undress him – follow your fingertips light with your mouth – make sure you breathe on his penis, give it some fresh breath of life.

Make eye-contact now and then – it shows that you are interested in him while he is having a glimpse of heaven – compliments his smell and taste – this sure do is good for his ego as your build the tension gradually.

Keep going even if he is not fully erected yet, you can start by kissing and licking him all over his penis. Keep your tongue flat like as if you are licking your favourite ice cream – ain’t we all love ice cream and we even eat the cone as well – so have the pleasure of “eating” his to your satisfaction.

Second Course – Motion and Massage

Make sure your tongue is pointed and lick him to “tweak and if possible squeak”– ensure to keep your tongue in a constant motion and switch techniques and remember; “routine kills passions.”

Massage, lick, kiss and suck his balls into your mouth tenaciously while your swirl your tongue around the rim of his rod and press into his balls gently and enjoy while you pleasure him.

Third Course – Going Down on Him

Best way to do this is to do it when he least expected it – I guarantee you he’ll gasp in pleasure and go dramatically in one full swoop without hesitating, swoop him by going down further with every downward stroke of your mouth.

Ladies ensure to hold one or two hands at the base of his penis to anchor him to a good position and to assist you with the up and down massaging movement – a left over from the second course so ja.

Fourth Course – Rhythm

Get into the rhythm of things  – breath through your nose so that you will not choke yourself as it help to loosen the pressure on you as your exhale and go down and increase the pressure when going up on him.

Very Important:  Suction action isn’t nearly as important as the up-down action.

Once your are comfortable to the rhythm – roll around his penis – add your tongue to the mix and stimulate his rod and keep on the rhythm of going up and down and up and down.

Very Important:  Be gentle on him, don’t be too hard or change direction anyhow – it can be painful but if he does like it – take him on.

I can sense the walls of paradise are raving in ecstasy but what I have realised is that most women do not understand the art of deep-throating. Oh well most of us see it in porn movies and not all have the will power to do such – maybe just too much or maybe not – relativity will play fit here.

Deep- Throating – Ladies always use your hands to create a longer sheath and do the twisting motions around the head of the rim of his penis, lightly as if you’re unscrewing a sealed bottled cover. – Keep your tongue moving – flick, lick, go in circles, round and round and caress. Stick his penis deep in your throat and enjoy the frills and thrills – awesome!

Very Important:  Never break contact with the penis while you hum and moan and groan and do all your what what…

Main Course

Ladies as he approaches descent – that place of climax – by my experience – most times a firmer grip and more suction and a little more speed is needed. Please, please do not break the rhythm and don’t change anything when you realize he’s on his way to download his juice – on a serious note – till he cums – do not stop.

When he finally comes, it is up to you to decide whether you want to swallow, spit it out or finish with some handiwork on your face. The good news is scientist says the sperm is good for relinquishing wrinkles on the face so that might come handy as well – your choice!

So ja – you have my permission – Go Practice Some Fellatio!

@dantebello on Twitter.

References to: Men’s Health – Womens24 – etc…


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