Raison d’être: “Hope to face one more day longer”

Heaven’s voice whispers to my soul, I try to listen but my raging mind is tormented by unresolved issues of life. Yesterday wrapped in today’s reality of what’s next to do and to be as all that is, is a soul tired of chasing purpose into reality because the pigmentation of my skin is looked upon as inferior.

Am I giving excuses or masking behind the old norm of the “black child”? No, it’s a reality and we are living it daily in this age and time. Race is a fundamental issue and racism is alive and well. Can’t you see it?

I press beyond boundaries to assert my truth breaking down walls and limitations set by those that think the “good life” is their birth right. I announce my coming, the dawning of a new era. I am entitled to the same opportunities as them and I am here to take it by “any means possible.”

Weary and fermented by the pain and hurt of man’s uncanny nature,

I look back and realize that letting you go was not easy but was the best decision ever.

I smile at silence in an insane way and silence slap my fickle mind into reawakening the core purpose I am here to fulfil in correcting the wrongs of my past.

Focus boys and girls, focus!

Each day is a race, a rat race, living in a racist world. You never know when a racist will spat the viper of racist slur or when rhetoric will be spat on you to the pleasure of the denialist. The racist crusader are lurking around to assert and betwixt the reality of the truth to sooth their dead conscience.

Embrace the struggle, this revolutionary is far from over – so I journey into rediscovering self as I resolved my stance in life with no apology for who I am, the colour of my skin, I write what I like and say it as it is.

Friends have deserted me, mates have departed, acquaintances have come and gone, ex-lovers have become “enemies” even though I choose to make peace.

Peace has gone yonder to become the untouchable and all I want is to speak my truth and be heard.

My voice resounds in the hearts of humanity with lyrics of hope and faith to change the ends of time. I still don’t want to change my past – the lessons are sages to learn from.

I strive to see humanity fulfilling its quest into living a life of glory regardless of colour, caste or creed but the harshness of life sometimes sways me into submission.

Like the saying goes “Life has never been fair to anyone” and neither you nor am I an exception. Saddle your horses and keep going ‘cos why worry over the things that are beyond your control.

Falling so many times but I keep standing up, gasping breathlessly and limping to the finish line of my purpose.

I see tears in my child’s eyes and it hurt me – ‘cos I am not there to be a father to him – I quest not to repeat the mistakes of my father but to be a responsible and a loving father to my child and the child in me.

The absence of a manly figure in our lives haunts so many deep down, but the beauty and guidance of a mother’s love has seen many of us through thick and thin. Mama’s love was always enough to see us to the next day.

The strength of my mother has ushered me new pathways and gave me a sense of hope. The innate ability of a mother’s love supersedes all and will never be replaced.

She was beautiful and strong, her tears at night in prayers were watering and nurturing my destiny into coming to pass. I sit back and look at all that I and her have been through and realise “Mama” was a little girl, she made her own mistakes, she had her own weakness, she defaulted in some ways and life was unfair but in the midst of it all she gave her all and brought me forth, gave me life and made me the son I am today.

I look back into time; all I see is a beautiful life. A processed soul that has seen all that life can throw at me and not shaken or befuddle for in the midst of it all I strive to live a legacy in the sands to time, not to be erased but to be engraved in the hearts of my son and generation.

I’ll journey on for as long as my breath will have me. I am hustling down the dream, that legacy into reality. Heavens voice whispers and I hear Mama’s words of hope to face one more day longer.

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