The Art of Release!

Stagnancy is the enemy of progression, against all odds, keeps moving. When you learn the art of release, you will begin to expect greater things.

“People only hold onto something when they believe nothing else will come by.”

Don’t allow your leaf to wither just because your season is ending. Seasons change, life evolves but the circle of life is consistent. Fruit-bearing and leaf-withering are two entirely different things. When the fruit-bearing season is over, you still can keep the leaves!

“Withered leaves signify the presence of disease, or the impending death of the tree.”

Do not allow the disease of bitterness to wither your leaf and change your attitude towards life. If you are wise you will be able to live on the harvest and prosperity of the past and use the lessons learned to your advantage proactively.

Beneath your branches you should see new saplings coming up as a result of your presence. They may be new trees, a new start, but they are still your fruits. It is never too late to start life all over again and still fulfil destiny as long as the common denominator of man who is life is still alive in you.

Let it go, release your fist on that grip, the new will emerge if only you will let go off the past failure and usher in the new. Men may soon forget the work that you have done, but that is their loss.

Release and let go – It’s an art…

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