The Dilemma of Africa’s Over-Dependence on the West

It is time we accept this fact – the west will never take it hands off Africa. Maybe it might happen in the future but definitely not any time soon. The scramble for Africa is gaining moment with each passing day. African politicians are like “zombies” waiting for the next command from western countries for them to carry out their instructions in full precision and obedience – this is the effect of a slave master mentality syndrome.

The west gave Africa independence but they have never left the shores of Africa for Africans to handle their affairs. They make sure that Africa’s socio-economic independence is in their hands and were never part of the totality of the independence package they “sold” to us.

Though many will deny and refuse to accept that our political wellbeing is remotely controlled by the powerful western nations and the so-called conscripted NGO’s that crop up themselves in every corner of Africa using charity as a means of profit, and to gather intelligence about Africa’s developmental progress and to suck her dry of all her potential to be sustainable and independent.

So, I ask – why is it that after plus 50 years of independence, Africa is not able to control her economic and political independence without the outside interference of our colonial masters who seem to portray themselves as our rescuer at any instances when there is internal problems, invited or uninvited?

I have realised that the west always have a way of putting their corny intervention ploy to prove their continued presence in the political and economic state of African countries be it as they simply put it – dictatorship, human right abuses, bad governance and most of all the bloated and arrogant summation that Africans cannot manage their resources and political stability and therefore Africa need the self-appointed west to aid for her salvation.

To make it more convenient for them, the western countries hide behind the purported international community foray and the rhetoric notion that they have the right to intervene in the various issues in Africa as part of the new global trend they are selling to Africa – Global Unity – Global Village, even though the UN charter prohibits the interference into internal affairs of member states and respect for their territorial integrity.

A recent classic example is Libya. The US under the disguise of NATO, Sarkozy and Cameroon twist the hands of the UNSC member states to comply with their personal vendetta and agenda against the Gaddafi regime to carry out regime change in Libya using the UNSC Resolution 1973 as their decoy. Now that Colonel Gaddafi has been executed, we now hear of oil contracts to the west as they punt their agenda in full view to the world. This is the expected dividend the new government of Libya has to pay the west for “helping” them overthrow a man who refuse to follow the dictates and agenda of the western world as far his country’s resources is concern.

African leaders are reluctantly refusing to read in between the lines that the west need Africa for their survival and development hence they will always have their hands all over Africa.

The unfortunate fact is we have overzealous greedy power mongers and dictators in Africa as leaders that only care about their pockets and they are left aloof to the agenda of serving their country and people.

The stalk reality is I am trying to find a tangible reason why African countries should be or stay in a “stagnant position and not making constant and consistent headway to-date in terms of development and providing basic amenities for it citizens in the 21st century.”

As Africans in Africa we find ourselves over depending on western countries that it look like the entire destiny and progress of the continent lies in their hands – they are still calling the shots despite our independence.

The west dictate every sphere and step of our development and survival as independent nations – this reality make me grin – the science of this reality need to change and this change is now – not tomorrow but starting from now.

Have you see that when there are conflicts in Africa, we ran to the west as the last resort to salvage the situation. We have an African Union that is “practically dead” – Personally I regard the AU as a useless organization that is being controlled and orchestrated by the west and lack the capacity and voice to instil and handle Africa’s issue and challenges on all fronts.

This is very sad because the African Union the way I see it will probably never be in a position to amicably solve the problems of Africa without asking for the intervention from the International Community, either in logistics, finance or personnel and otherwise.

African countries lack the bilateral and multilateral cohesion within member states of the continent. It is also a fact that our sub-regional and continental organizations hardly do anything or be seen to be effective without instructions from these so-called international organisations.

I am not disputing that African countries should negate being part of the United Nations or any international organisation but my issue here is, decisions taken at these level about Africa most often time sway on the side of the western countries agenda – their interest supersede all else hence you see the selective approach as to which conflict or trade partnerships they get themselves involved in.

Also African representation in the United Nation Security Council is minimal and incapable of making any impact in decisions making that concerns and benefits Africa – I still cannot put to thoughts why this is so.

In other to run with the agenda of Africa that is non-dependent on the west, it is necessary to bring the Pan-African agenda to play. The thinking of our Pan-Africanist forefathers need to be resurrected – the philosophy and ideology of late Kwame Nkrumah, Sheku Toure, Kenneth Kaunda, Thomas Sankara and others need to be drivelled into the mindset of our present leaders and generation.

Africa is blessed with abundance of resources to cater for it citizens but we still adhere to call on those who will exploit our resources and never allow us to tap into the full potential of our wealth for the good of our people.

After years of achieving independence this ugly scenario is still eating the core of our society. We are “cursed” with leaders that do not understand the tenets of democracy and wealth distribution but rather see it befitting for them to flaunt kleptocracy and autocracy until the people take up arms to force them out of power.

How do we achieve African Unity when the west creates artificial boundaries to intentionally keep us apart and in disunity to keep their dominance in the socio-economic development of the continent?

Why do we have the United States controlled UN presence in almost every country and invariably dictating the pace of development and indirectly and directly involving in their local politics and instituting leaders that they can control to further their interest? Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire comes to mind at this juncture.

The recent famine in the Horn of Africa is a sad scenario for a continent so blessed with agriculture but cannot feed her own – Poverty is a cancerous disease eating the core of our psyche and rebel wars and insurgent (Boko Haram/Al-Shabab) is forever in the news about African and seemingly unending.

Our leaders have refused to see the reality that they have to start working for the people and it is their responsibilities as leaders to get us out of this situation.

Whenever the western worlds have issues, you will never hear of an African presence to help mend their fences or disputes but the opposite is so when it comes to Africa – the west using morality posturing and grandstanding to judiciously be the saviour that we need – this also has to change.

It is time our so-called leaders start thinking and change the science of their politics and starts working for the people and carry out visible and achievable policies and set realistic goals that are attainable.

Our leaders need to proactively foster trade and economic integration within the African states and understand that the only way we will have a voice in the international scene is to get this initiative working and Africans controlling their resources and set the terms and conditions for any bilateral or multilateral trade with the western world.

If Africa is to survive, this should be given utmost consideration not only for our survival but also for posterity and the furtherance of our continent’s development for the generations to come.

It is time for Africa to cut off from the over dependence on the west and be independent enough to man up to it responsibilities, explore it vast natural resources, man power capacity for the benefit of the people.


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  1. Zainab Sidime Says:

    U ar more than what u think, sure u ar a gift from God, keep it up …………………………true happening and accurate info……………………lol

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