I don’t talk2much – I just like exposing my mind.

I am an advocate of a free minded and open society – a society where people are free to express what is in their  head space without fear of being prejudiced into a box of sentimentality. A world where people are free to choose their lifestyle, right of association, right to choose their religion and whatever that soothes them as long as it does not hurt the next man.

I came about writing this blog after a dear friend of mine sent me this text message yesterday: “U talk 2 much, pls let me be”, – this is so not me – oh well this came about after an earlier telephonic exchange we had.

Over the years as I evolve in my life’s journey, I have come to believe in vibes between people – like connection between friends or in any kind of relationship. People connect in my many mediums and spaces.

I am very passionate about everything I do, so much that it sometimes comes across as obsession which actually it is not. I connect with my friends so much that I tend to intuitively feel and know when they are in a good space or in a bad space – I am sure we all have those moments though some people do ignore such hunches from their spirit but for someone like me I take attentive cognisance of it, thus it mean a lot to me and most often times define my relationship with people.

So, earlier I had made a call to my friend and the vibe on the other end of the phone was kinda like “offish”, as I had sensed it – I did not feel that good vibe, but rather an “irritable disclosure” and the possibility  of me being wrong is also very possible – I ended the call but my mind was like going on about the offish vibe so I decided to send this text message: “Hey #Justsaying if me calling you is disturbing you do let me know – I suspect a cold shoulder from you – at the same time I’ll not like to assume.” Thanks. My friend then reply: “U talk 2 much, pls let me be”then I replied again: “I don’t talk2much – I guess you’re not used to open-minded people like me – I speak what’s in my heart hence I am a free soul with no hidden agendas.”

My friend never replied back. I began to think about the scenario in a deeper way in trying to decipher the reason it is an issue when people speak about how they feel to others, it most times pan out to be a problem of some sort. I realise we have been conditioned and constructed as beings by society that we negate a lot of things about our humanity which if we appreciate and embrace will ease off a lot of things that might come back to bite us because by then we would have had the chance to renegade the situation or fix it before it is too late if necessary.

The notion that silence is golden is a valid wisdom and relatively so, at the same time it has boxed a lot of people into holding back their true feelings about a thing all in the name of pleasing another or trying to wave off confrontation because of difference in views and opinions. In such cases I believe it is deception and unfair to the other party. I rather have an honest truth than a fake smile and corrosive intent towards me.

We all can’t handle the truth which is a fact – what is rattling in my head space is when will we start handling the truth as friends, brothers, sisters, acquaintances etc – when will we hear an honest word from a friend and take it in good faith – seeing it coming from a good place without tagging it with all sort of names and manufactured intent that probably was not even part of the original intention of the person?

I am all for open-mindedness with responsibility. I think it’ll bring better and cohesive understanding in any relationship bringing in check and balance – the need for wrong notions and perceptions to be corrected before it is taken out of proportion or otherwise.

When people speak their mind, it is out there and you know what you are dealing with and will not be caught by any kind of surprise – Nevertheless it does not mean because you are open-minded person you cannot be wrong about your feelings and assumptions towards others – there is a thin line here – let your intuition guide you – most times it is right.

Open minded people speak about how they feel about a thing and what is in their head space that does not necessarily translate to them being “TALKATIVE.”

I think we as humans need to get to that place of appreciating people for speaking their mind instantly about how they feel about an issue than being all silent with a congested heart filled with issues unspoken about.

I believe when a person speak their mind about how they feel – the mind is exposed, it is out there and does not nurse deception – but we’ve been conditioned to believe being silent is “maturity” – actually it is not.

Honestly, I appreciate people who will tell me how they feel about me, things I have said, done or about an issue than a person who nurses their ill feelings all in the name of not wanting to “offend” me.

I don’t intend to change my open-mindedness, so far it has been working for me – I’ll keep speaking my mind – exposing it to checks and balances which is being a free-spirited person it thus helps me to die to my ego daily and be a better friend to my friends.

Seriously though, I don’t talk2much.

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